Mary Ann Redfern lives to stalk & bully.

Mary Ann Redfern continues posting a pic of me she stole from facebook and I’m not the one with all the fake accounts.

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        This is “Terry Holt”, an Aussie who posts under numerous fake profiles in his quest to keep pit bulls available and plentiful here in the USA, since pit bulls are BANNED in HIS country. His favorite word whisker is “pms” which Terry explained to me means “pissing myself”….don’t know if I’da told that, TERRY.

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        Australian butts in to American safety issues and pimps pit bulls, the number one canine killer of humans and animals in the USA, and, in fact, WORLDWIDE. Ironically, Australia, where “Terry Holt” hails from, has a BAN on pit bulls.

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    • Everywhere that pit bulls are allowed to be kept as “pets”, THIS is what you get…mauling, maiming and killing of people and animals. Keep yourself, your children and your true pets away from pit bulls. They are dangerous in the extreme and very unpredictable. They were bred to be dangerous and unpredictable for the fighting pits. Stay far, far away from them.

Mary Ann is a fanatic she she stalks anyone who exposes her ignorance anywhere a news article mentions “pit bull” you’ll find her attacking people.

more to come…..


6 thoughts on “Mary Ann Redfern lives to stalk & bully.

  1. Mary Ann Recfern is an uneducated and uninformed bigot that haunts the pages whenever a pit bull is mentioned. When confronted with facts (because she has none of her own) she will respond with silly memes or insults. We like to keep her around because she is a good example of the imbecility of the anti-pit bull freak show.

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  2. I’ve taken to confronting this delusional basketcase Mary Ann Redfern on every one of her posts I come across and she (most likely “he” cowering behind a fake profile) has not been able to name one single credible source for any of her pathetically misinformed comments.

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  3. Please help me! This batshit crazy broad got me suspended from FB because I posted a pro pit bull comment – only in response to her claiming I was crazy. Please, I’m ready. I need information please.

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