All I can say is Fred M. Kray, you did a wonderful job on the story, and THANK YOU!

Colleen Lynn has done several interviews about that day, and let me be yet another voice to say, why can’t you keep your story straight Colleen?

We know you were bitten, there’s no deny that, and I will say the dog that bit you, probably had some issues with no being properly socialized, attacks on humans or other animals can’t simply be swept under the rug, and there are cases where if the dog is in fact a danger to the public they should be euthanized, no question, but you have to take ownership of your decisions on that day as well Colleen if in fact that is your real name!

However lying about what happened, what’s up with that? I have recounted this before but I was also attacked as a child a Malamute attacked me, viciously in fact, injuries that required 60-70 stitches to close the wounds however I didn’t lie about what happened to me, and I didn’t go on an insane crusade to rid the world of all Malamutes, I want to see responsibility put first, but responsiblity on all parties involved. Wake up colleen, living a lie not only hurts pit bulls but you as well, truth is best hon! come clean and stop the hate parade!