I’ve been randomly talking about this very thing for most of 2013. It’s something that I’ve noticed and continue to notice. And it’s showed through yet again while watching Colleen Lynn (founder of the anti-Pit Bull website, DogsBite.org) on The Huffington Post’s video panel that they put together last week to discuss Pit Bulls. If you haven’t seen this video, please go there and watch it.

Don Cleary from the National Canine Research Council does an amazing job on the panel, btw. Lynn, on the other hand, should show her face more often because she comes off about as likeable as a kidney stone. To those unfamiliar with Collen Lynn, she’s called for an eradication of Pit Bulls and supports their ban and killing anywhere (and in any way) that it’s suggested.

But anyways, here is the point: Colleen Lynn (like the rest of anti-Pit Bull hatemongers infamous on the internet) is now shifting her attention towards MANDATORY SPAY AND NEUTER OF PIT BULLS. This is what I’ve been trying to point out for some time now, see here & here & here. Breed or type-specific mandatory spay and neuter laws are being proposed all over the place as a counter to bans, because it poses to do a good thing and still aims to seek the same objective as a ban would: breed or type elimination. Many cities, like those in California for instance, cannot get away with banning entire types of dogs because it is against state law.

So they’ll settle for a breed-specific mandatory spay and neuter law as the 2nd best option to achieving the ban. It’s also easier to push to a gullible public because it purports to do a good thing, like spaying and neutering, while the true and much darker agendas can attempt to be suppressed. Well, that’s not going to happen because I can see through it and so can many of you.

Much of this is happening because politicians, disengaged from the actual issues and not trying to genuinely become involved, look for easy answers and quick fixes. People like Colleen Lynn are now attempting to shift their entire tones in order to match these kinds of efforts. This is all very likely being done because most all people found their initial tactics and general statements about mass killing and vague eradication of dogs as extremely reprehensible.

They’ve obviously noticed that the breed-specific forced sterilization talking points have gained far more traction and in response are acting accordingly. Still, vile persons like Lynn and Dawn James can’t help themselves and hate literally radiates off of almost everything that they say or type anyways. This point still needs made, because others are better at hiding their contempt. I will not link to either of their many websites because they are many of the most exploitatively nasty on the entire internet. But that’s what Google is for.

During the Pit Bull video panel you can see Colleen Lynn shift and attempt to constantly grandstand behind “overpopulation,” acting as if her concerns are loving and as if she’s doing it for the good of the dogs and all the rest of it. Anyone that knows her website knows that that’s a complete pile of you know what, and she’s being about as disingenuous as anyone ever has been. You will see her lose her cool when someone asks her if she’d kill all the Pit Bulls. She clearly tries to distance herself from that idea and gets really angry at the suggestion, yet the internet is full of her own ideologies that support exactly those things.

Apparently we’re all “crazy.” Then she starts again, acting like she’s doing a “humane” thing for the dogs and attempts to shift the focus back to mandatory spaying and neutering of all Pit Bulls. You can see right through a fraud, and Lynn is a total fraud. She’s one of the most tyrannically backwards and nasty individuals that exist in the “animal community,” and her message (and others’) is shifting. Please take note of what’s been said here…

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The anti-Pit Bull hatemongers moving to mask their message

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