I’d like everyone to meet my stalker Dana Renfrow…..

Now Dana is a pit bull hater and a cyber bully she boasts of her conquests among her hater friends……

To the sad little nutter trolls who incessantly stalk this page:

It is obvious you were the kid who tattled all the time that nobody wanted to play with. Are you giggling and rubbing you grubby hands together as you report my posts? Do you feel like an internet O.G. about now? Gosh, you sure showed me! I’m soooo scared! I best behave or you’ll tell on me! Lmao.

Tell you what, go ahead. Write your sad little blogs about us that no one reads. Follow us to every mauling thread. Burn up hours and hours of your pathetic existence talking shit behind your safe computer, doing nothing else with you life. What can we expect from you besides petty inconveniences like Facebook bans, it’s all you have. Your type is trash, child-hating, victim-abusing trash. You cannot justify just how fucked up and mentally unstable any of you are, and you sure as hell lack any empirical evidence for your side, so I guess this is what you’re going to do to individuals who have a different way of thinking. Well bring it on.

I am sure everyone here has endured some sort of threat, harassment, or Facebook snitch. I think it shows just how threatened they feel, how badly they want us to back down. Well guess what? I have only just begun, bitches. I won’t be going anywhere and I will only push back harder, no matter what you say or how many times I get reported. All you have are lies, words, and too much free time. I will never be silent, I will not back down!

Elly Beckley
Elly Beckley Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Brandi Hodgson
Brandi Hodgson It’s amusing how we get under their skin so easily. Some of the replies I leave on comments must have them just fuming and raging. I usually don’t care enough about their thoughts or opinions to bother checking back for their responses, but I imagine they don’t like what I have to say about their lack of proper parenting skills. Lol

Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow I have never read their blogs or visited their pages. I don’t feel they deserve the dignity. I am glad to stand with you guys, BSL saves lives.

Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow They can report me all they want, I’m not going to shut up.

Elly Beckley
Elly Beckley Good. Neither am i

Mahli Poole
Mahli Poole They walk among us. Just sayin.

Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow Finding that out…my fault for underestimating how obsessed they are.

Annie Cowan Brown
Annie Cowan Brown They are everywhere. I’m shocked to see how many of my friends own or owned pits.

Brandi McNeely
Brandi McNeely Now I am out of the animal business I can say what I want. There’s no stopping me. I know this business and all their secrets. I have only begun.

Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow I am no one important and don’t see what they feel so threatened over me. Because of a few parodic memes? Because I spread facts? They can go get bent

Pame Ashley
Pame Ashley They never shut me up even with their feeble efforts to get my job and license. I now carry pit bull victims to meet my manager and colleagues, and take many flyers there and give them out freely and leave them in waiting rooms.

This is life and death with Pit bulls. Doing the right thing doesn’t take time off.

I have been amazed at how many colleagues have pit bull attack stories…even in my carpool.

Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow I am getting bolder, and starting to build a name. Even so, people are amazed at just how much proof their is on pit bulls being unfit pets. People have changed their minds and are staying awsy from them. Parents especially take heed.

There are some who are pissed at me…the victims don’t convince them. Oh well.

Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow You’re in the medical field? Excellent you’re using your influence. I want to talk to my pediatrician, perhaps get her to talk to other moms.

Pame Ashley
Pame Ashley Trauma surgeons are writing research papers proving injuries from pit bulls are much worse than other breeds.

Elly Beckley
Elly Beckley They have tried to shut me up but they won’t!

Sonya Del Rio Cerezo
Sonya Del Rio Cerezo They don’t scare me at all…they already tried to have my account suspended & didn’t succeed. They cannot go after my job because I am self employed & my clients know about my advocating for victims. There is NOTHING they can do to effect my life negaSee more

Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow They fight dirty, and they know it. Everytime someone gets publicity and uses it against pits, they get threatened.

Sandra Fuller
Sandra Fuller My landlord threw a fit and put her foot when a tenant got a doctor’s note so he could try and keep his pitbull.Not as service dog,not as a emotional support animal,but because he needed to lose weight and taking the dog for a walk would help him.She (See more

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Jeff Borchardt
Jeff Borchardt I like your style, Dana Renfrow.

Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow Aww, I got reported again! Still here. 😀. I can verify this account. What you gonna do now, pitophile punks?

Paul Lothary
Paul Lothary Hallelujah.

Paul Lothary
Paul Lothary What’s troubling is the gleeful willingness Facebook has for dropping the banhammer for the smallest infraction that wouldn’t happen in racism or xenophobia groups. It can only be attributed to internal bias. Like Huff post.

Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow Oh, I know they’re biased. Uncle Terry is proof of that.

Sarah Elizabeth Burke
Sarah Elizabeth Burke Theyre currently trying to get me fired and slandering the company I work for. Not sure how they got my work info but clearly they have nothing better to do than sit around and troll on the internet. They’re also slamming my name and claiming I’m a fugitive on the run so if they choose to keep this harassment & slander up, they can deal with my lawyer. It’s 2016, are we not allowed to have an opinion? I can’t wrap my head around this nonsense.

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Elly Beckley
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Brandi McNeely
Brandi McNeely I have been through a similar situation. My bullies were the animal people I worked with. I wasn’t willing to be part of the deception and cover ups.

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Paul Lothary
Paul Lothary How horrible. And courageous of you. #hero

Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow They say we are biased, inaccurate, easily disproven, and greatly outnumbered. Then why do they hang on our every word and go on these obsessive smear campaigns? If we are so wrong, why do they try so hard to stop us from being seen on social media? Because they know we speak the truth, otherwise they would block us and go back to worrying about other shit. It’s a fulltime thing for them. None of them truly care about pit bulls, or their efforts would be there, not bring squandered on stalking people here. What have they accomplished, exactly? The truth is eventually going to send their nanny dog fairytale crashing down. They act so scared, because they are scared, and they damn well should be.

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Pame Ashley
Pame Ashley If they believed bad owners have bad pit bulls then they would be training them to be good owners or calling them out. If they thought abused pit bulls attack, they would be searching for abused pit bulls to get removed from abusive homes. If they believed pit bulls are nanny dogs then they would be shocked and horrified at an attack….then realize pits are definitely NOT nanny dogs.

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Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow They would definitely want a cease and desist on their breedinh, as well as strict punishment to owners who let theirs get loose. Nope, they don’t.

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Jenny Pollman
Jenny Pollman When I first joined the advocacy, I was blown away by them sharing my pictures and blogging about anything I posted, commented or even “liked”. Its amazing how numb we become to it. Now it doesn’t bother me. I haven’t even looked at their nutty blogs in months. Probably a year or longer. Hell… they could blog this and I wouldn’t even know they did. Haha! Keep on keeping on. Cuz we cant back down!

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Paul Lothary
Paul Lothary I’m two or three pages on them. This will be another page or two of rant

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Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow Well said.

Sinead Oakley Messmer
Sinead Oakley Messmer Dana Renfrow you are a crusader for this group. I am proud of you

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Sinead Oakley Messmer
Sinead Oakley Messmer A crusader stands up for what is right by being brave and not afraid to stand thier ground for what they believe in. 🙂

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Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow I say likewise to you and everyone else here. One of us is worth a thousand of them, I say.

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Dana Renfrow
Dana Renfrow“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” Just remember that.
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Now here’s some of the creative Meme’s that Dana refers to in her comments all posted from a fake Facebook account…..
Dana made the angry post above after her latest fake Facebook account created for the sole purpose of bullying people was taken down….
Terry Holt's photo.
Dana is responsible for some extremely creative meme’s all made with the intention of bullying me but when i expose her cyber bullying and generally inappropriate behavior she gets her panties in a bunch and reports my blog for harassment , how ironic considering these gems that Dana thinks are a bit of fun?
Slander and defamation are the corner stones of Dana’s alleged public safety advocacy….
So apparently this is just a bit of harmless fun but someone reporting this behavior is harassment apparently…..
13226894_10201675900215785_2794758100263153486_n (1)
Dana is very creative is just a shame she’s engulfed in hate….
And Dana claims to be the victim…..
13177219_10201675912936103_3496665417619353152_n (1)
Despite her denials it’s apparent Dana is a cyber bully
dana x 5th may my pic propo machine.PNG
She really can’t help herself the irony is she claims to be the victim!
Dana thinks this is just harmless fun?
Now this is not bullying according to Dana who is obviously extremely juvenile.
1b1cbef1865cecdec57b0c3448776c3dea434b4f092bd2babdd1196ac565ee84 (1)
Now I have a sense of humor but this is cyber bullying plain and simple…..
Even my dog was included in the “fun’ I took this as a threat to my pet…..
Some were genuinely humerus…..
Others are just not funny…..
This person obviously has way too much time on her hands…..
I’m just a bit confused how making meme’s of me is in the public interest?

Terry Holt


Some are just straight forward Slander!

dana x steven

Others are straight forward bullying…..

original (24)

It’s just a shame this person couldn’t put this much effort in to legitimate community safety initiatives…..

dana x steven2

It seem extremely hypocritical for this individual to accuse me of bullying her?

11251049_921987711157453_7173268513006281480_n (1)

Just a little heads up to Dana and all her hater mates, I won’t back down and no matter how much you bully me !!!!!


I won’t shut up!!


more to come…..


Terry Holt