Kathleen Horton is trying to call this attack a pit bull issue whereas the tragic truth is this dog was yet another mixed breed mutt that they’re insisting on calling a pit bull to try and hide the part they played in this tragedy with all their disinformation and propaganda.

And here we have yet another example of the pit bull haters making stuff up and misrepresenting an attack news article to suit their purposes whereas the tragic truth is breed neutral legislation may well have prevented this tragic incident.  

They conveniently leave out that it was the little dog that was the aggressor and triggered the attack in the first place and this wasn’t the first time either there had been an incident between the 2 dogs and their owners but as we all know these haters never ever let the facts get in the road of a good story.

Police refused to use taser on Staffie mix as it mauled innocent dog walker to death!!!!

Victim David Ellam was walking his Yorkie when the Staffie-Lab mix attacked. According to a witness, police refused to Taser it. The victim had complained to…
Helga Joubert
Helga Joubert Useless police officers were afraid they would kill the dog if they tased it. Then the victim’s nutter cousin has urged people not to make sweeping generalizations about dog breeds, and not to point fingers and “play the blame game” and blame dangerous dogs and their owners. Furthermore, this man had complained about this very same dog in the past, yet it was returned to its irresponsible owner.
Looks like the UK is just as overrun by pit bull crazies as the U.S. is. Normal folks don’t have a chance.

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As you can see they jump straight on the band wagon blaming “pit bulls” whereas clearly this dog was not a pit bull it had been seized previously and deemed not to be a banned breed but this doesn’t stop these haters from hiding the truth and their culpability in this incident and many others just like it.

The painful truth for these haters is that breed specific legislation does not protect the community and has been shown to have absolutely no discernible affect on dog bite statistic where ever it’s been enacted and tragic attacks involving non banned breeds are avoidable if we have breed neutral legislation that protects the community from all dangerous dogs and not just dogs thought to be pit bulls. 

Read the excerpt from the story below…..

“David Ellam, was injured yesterday morning trying to shield his Yorkshire terrier from an attacking Staffordshire bull terrier-Labrador cross that had previously been reported to the police.

Police said concerns had been expressed about the dog in June by members of the public. They seized it, but later returned it to its owner because it was not a banned breed”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3743269/Dogwalker-52-dies-savaged-Staffy-cross-returned-owner-despite-fears-dangerous.html#ixzz4Ha7RqLmb
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The harsh reality is just add this victim of a non pit bull type dog to the ever growing list which already includes well over 128 victims in the last decade alone.

To put this into perspective one person has been killed each and every month by non pit bull types in the last ten years and if breed specific legislation is left in place we can expect another 128 in the next decade as Bsl only targets pit bulls and leaves all other dangerous dogs to have their way with our children and elderly.

Please all pit bull owners if you have Bsl where you live be sure and contact legislators and put them on notice that if you or any of your family members are attacked by non banned breeds you will sue them for every cent they have for ignoring the real problem.

more to come…..